Grannies in training - Summer 2003
Manchester to Blackpool 2003
Big Fat Cheque Presentation
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2003 saw many more lovely old grannies venturing out of their residential homes to once again ride to the coast for a nice ice cream by the beach...

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November 2003:
Big Fat Cheque Presentation

2003 concluded with a lovely day out at the Christie Hospital to visit the fund-raising team.

After several cups of tea and some delicious cakes the grannies eventually handed over a bit fat cheque for 5,634!

July 2003:
Manchester to Blackpool 2003

As a mark of respect to founder member Lee Rourke, over 35 Grannies turned out fully frocked up for the same ride. The collective raised over 5600 and included a couple of people who had been helped by the Christie hospital.

"After the 60 odd ( very odd ) miles of sweat and toil we re-mounted our lovely bus driver Les - ooops - sorry - our lovely driver Les' bus, who took us to the Pleasure Beach. No, not chasing the old men across Cleveley Promenade, but the amusement park.
Thanks to the kind young men who worked there, we all had a free ride on The Big One - and we don't mean 'Big Alfie Swapper' - but The Pepsi Max Big One.

( it's a rollercoaster dear... )
Oooohhh, it was such fun pulling 9G in a cart with the wind whistling in your bloomers."

Evie Rider and all the girls would just like to say a big 'thank you luv' to everyone that helped us make our annual day trip a great success, from the two Rachels at Christies, Les and the Bostocks Coaches, Bike Events, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and finally everybody who sponsored us.

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Summer 2003:
Grannies in Training

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In a vain attempt to raise fitness levels but a successful attempt to raise some money, several grannies undertook a strict training regime during the long summer days.

Of course this meant straddling a push bike and riding between as many pubs as possible before it went dark.

This wasn't always the best thing to do for an old lady, but it did end up tasting and feeling rather splendid.

Remember kids... NEVER DRINK AND RIDE!

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