Grannies in training - Summer 2004
Manchester to Blackpool 2004
John O'Groats to Lands' End
Jungfrau Mountain Marathon 2004
Big Fat Cheque Presentation
The Annual Grannual Meeting
The Christmas Coast to Coast
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For our third year, the grannies started to get more ambitious and took to frocking on and spreading themselves all over the country!

We cycled 1000 miles from John O'Groats to Lands' End during a very wet August and then from Coast to Coast in the middle of the winter.

We also ran our first Jungfrau Mountain Marathon in the Swiss Alps.

And of course we rode the glorious annual Manchester to Blackpool bike ride...

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Christmas 2004:
The Christmas Coast to Coast
140 miles, on bikes, off road, in frocks, in the middle of winter!
What better way to work up an appetite for Christmas lunch than to cycle all the way across the country in the middle of winter.

Eight brave elderly ladies wrapped up warm in their thickest stockings to tackle 140 miles.
Just 3 days to get from the Irish sea to the North sea.

The only problem was the snow, the ice, the hills and the shortest day of the year!

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December 2004:
Big Fat Cheque Presentation

It was a chilly winters evening at the
Christie Hospital when the perky pensioners from Go Granny Go arrived to discuss cake decoration and knitting patterns.

We also think they are rather wonderful,
so we gave them a big cheque for 7,077!

December 2004:
Annual Grannual Meeting

Deck your bike with bells and holly!!
In fact why not add tinsel, baubles, lights and a christmas tree...?

The grannies found another excuse to sample the local mulled wine and sherry whilst wearing festive attire.

Rumour has it we even be rode our bikes...!!!

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September 2004:
Jungfrau Mountain Marathon

The hills are alive with the sound of grand-sons
The 12th Jungfrau Marathon was held on 11 September 2004, with 4000 runners from 39 nations on all five continents.

Of course none of them were expecting five elderly 'ladies' to be competing with them.

The 26 mile course gently climbed towards the foot of the Jungfrau in the beautiful Swiss Alps, then took our brave grannies straight up to a maximum altitude of 2205 metres above sea level.

The air at that altitude was even thinner than Evie Riders hair...

August 2004:
John O'Groats to Lands End
Nearly 1000 miles in fifteen days wearing frocks!!

My little Dickie always said we did things the wrong way round, but that's another story...
But riding our lovely push bikes from north to south means it's downhill all the way.
(and at our age we should know what we're talking about)

During the wettest August in living memory,
five intrepid geriatrics wobbled the entire length of the country, haranguing passers by, shedding rollers and hairpins and getting wrinkled stockings caught in bike chains...

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July 2004:
Manchester to Blackpool 2004

The third grannual slow bike race to the seaside attracted about 30 old dears for a day out from the Go Granny Go residential home...

"It was sunny Sunday morning. I haven't got up this early since my liaisons with Ernie the milkman some while ago now.

We were off for our annual outing to Blackpool, only, like last year, and the year before, nobody told me we had to cycle there!.
Still, just as well I had my friends bicycle with me at 5 o'clock of the morning wasn't it?

Her bikes a bit small, readers, and so it's a bit of an effort to ride, especially as its heavier than Ernie, and he was a biggun.

The bus collected us, and took us off to Manchester, where 2500 odd other cyclists were there to greet us. How nice! We were in such marvellous company, there was even a man in a yellow suit talking into one of those electric microphone thingys.

We were off. No, not in smell, that was later. Just we got going.
With a cry of "Lets get ready to (g)rumble".

Flashing through towns and villages (well I didn't flash, but Evie Rider did) and stopping at refreshments, along the way, we managed to spy Blackpool in a record 8 and three quarter hours. Yipee!
Time to be picked up by Les our driver (a lovely man) and ride on the Big One.

Oh Yes!! What a thrill! Not only was I sore from the ride to Blackpool, but now my ticker skipped a beat at the Big One! Gosh.

So, with a lovely day in the summer on my bike and with 30 of my oldest chums, we did it again readers. We rode for the sea!!"

Emma Rhoids xxx
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Summer 2004:
Grannies in Training

With a gruelling year filled with extreme tea drinking, it was important for Go Granny Go team members to practice like pensioners.

Much of the early excursions involved frock testing and the innovative use of head scarves.

Grannies in Training - Summer 2004
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But it soon become clear that some old ladies should be more committed than others.

Committed that is, to a lunatic asylum...

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