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Never content to sit back and let or poor rusty old hips recover the grannies decided to get even more silly in 2005.

We tackled the 3 'peaknics' challenge by climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mount Snowdon and cycling the 470 miles between them.

We also hobbled around the Wilmslow Half Marathon, struggled uphill all the way in the Jungfrau Mountain Marathon in the Swiss Alps.

The grannies also climbed the height of Mount Everest in a day, dressed up as Super-Heroes to prove how macho they were and hung around at football matches asking strangers to make donations in grannies special slot.

And once again lots of beautiful old dears frocked on for the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride...

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October 2005:
Macclesfield Town: 2 - Go Granny Go: 531.11

Another grand day out for the 'ladies'.
This time we were shaking our buckets at a football match.
The punters didn't know where to look as six gallons of cheap perfume and the contents of several charity shops was cat-walked around the stands.

Maybe it was old lady luck, but the home team stormed through to beat Bristol Rovers 2-1.
The girls also fielded a convincing formation, defending all the entrances to the ground, much to the amusement and bemusement of the home and away fans.
We even managed to put the away team and a visiting 'Big Ron' Atkinson off their strides with our beautiful flowery frocks.

But the 90 minutes was soon over and the grannies had skilfully tackled their way through a crowded box to slot home a convincing 531.11 home win for Christies.
( However none of them will be attempting an overhead scissor kick again though...!! )

A grantastic ' thank you dear!! ' to everyone who made a donation xxx

September 2005:
Jungfrau Mountain Marathon

None of the other 4000 or so runners, nor any of the thousands of spectators, were expecting a group of elderly 'ladies' to be competing with them in one of Europe's toughest marathons.

The 26 mile course gently climbed for the first 15 miles through the stunning Lauterbrunnen valley, before a brutal ascent to Wengen, and a quick blow of an alpine horn.
Then it was even steeper upwards and onwards to eventually finish at kleine Schiedag, in the shadow of the north face of the Eiger.
That's 2205 metres or 7234 feet above sea level!!
... more pictures coming soon xxx

July 2005:
Manchester to Blackpool 2005

The fourth annual mass day release from the GoGrannyGo residential home, once again, saw a seething mass of ill-fitting floral frocks and stockings, pedalling towards the promenades.

We met a lovely young man on the starting line in the form of Olympic gold medalist
Chris Hoy. He even insisted on mounting Umas bicycle... even though she was still on it!
With support like that we were confident we could break our record of just under nine hours.

Penny Farting had brought a secret weapon this year, riding a little tiny motorised monkey bike. She'd spent hours in her shed boring out her cylinders for a little extra performance.
It wasn't cheating, it's just a lady of her vintage also has slightly antiquated hips.

Despite stopping at almost every pub to badly re-apply our make-up, (and the rest...) we still managed to reach the Las Vegas of the north in under eight hours.
Maybe it was due to all the new grannies who joined us this year, or perhaps it was the prospect of hanging out the back of the Big One... One can never tell.

A great big ' thank you luv!! ' to everyone who sponsored us xxx

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May 2005:
Evies Everest Expedition
Ever keen for another challenge the grannies found another chance to shake their sticks at passers-by.

The plan was to cycle around some very hilly off road circuits enough times until we had climbed the equivalent altitude of
Mount Everest!
And all within 24 hours!!!

We did it with several hundred feet to spare, before retiring to the local public house for rabbit pie and a refreshing glass of sherry.
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May 2005:
Super Heroes!!

It had been suggested that Go Granny Go team members had somehow diminished their masculinity by wearing frocks and all that make-up.

To counter these ludicrous claims we decided to do the most manly thing we could think of.

So out came the capes and tight lycra (and in some cases make-up) for an evenings extreme fund raising mountain bike action.

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26th March - 3rd April 2005:
The 3 Peak-nics Challenge
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Three pic-nics on the summit of three mountains in the space of nine days?

The only problem, apart from running out of cake, was that Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon were so far apart and we only had our trusty push bikes to get us there!

3 mountain climbs, 3 pic-nics and 470 miles of cycling in just nine days.

Probably the biggest and stupidest event we've ever done...

Sunday 3rd April 2005:
The Big Granny Ramble

Time to fill your thermos flask and pack your lunch box for a lovely day walking in the splendid countryside.

Some of the grannies cycled all the way from Scotland via Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike just to join their elderly chums for another pic-nic.

Twenty or so elderly 'ladies' and a few grand-children joined us for a jolly jaunt up Snowdon. We all enjoyed a the last of the 3 peak-nics on the summit despite freezing winds, rain and zero visibility.

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March 2005:
The Wilmslow Half Marathon

Hundreds of athletes from all over the country had been training hard throughout the winter months to run this early season event, only to be trounced by several grumpy old 'ladies' in desperate need of a nice cup of tea.

Disco Doreen & Uma Thermals - 1 hour 56 minutes
Anita Pee - 2 hours 4 minutes
Rosie Glow - 2 hours 6 minutes
Beryl Kenieval - 2 hours 16 minutes and a broken knee.

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