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Fat Maradona Football
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Santa and his Little Helpers
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"Click me or I'll get angry and hoe you into tiny pieces..."
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In 2006 we planned a huge granny basket full of increasingly ludicrous events to continue raising even more money.

We ran some half and full marathons, cycled from Paris to Blackpool and caused havoc in the woods and the local bingo halls.

Scroll down to find out what we got up to in 2006!!

Christmas 2006:
Santa and his Little Helpers

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When Santa's done squeezing himself down peoples chimneys, you'll find him messing about in the woods with his little Elven friends.

The annual Christmas outing saw a band of merry festive folk getting more merry with some more festive folk.

Then it was back to Lapland for another long shift in the toy factory...

December 2006:
Big Granny Cheque Handover

After another long year of frantic frock-wearing fund-raising, the grannies wobbled over to Christies to hand over another cheque.

In 2006 we raised 8000 bringing our gran total to over 26,000!!

The Grannies hand over another lump sum

December 2006:
Fat Maradona Football

Coming out of retirement is something the grannies like to do every weekend, but when a bunch of slightly rotund Diego Maradona look-a-likes did the same, it was bound to get messy.

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Macclesfield Town welcomed Accrington Stanley and an elite squad of eight South American football legends.

Whilst shaking our money makers we were naturally very restrained and didn't mention drinking milk to the visitors once, or twice, or even several times.

Our tactical expertise and genius ball skills must've rubbed off on the home team who ended the match as eventual winners.

Alternatively it could have had something to do with the 'Hand of God' or perhaps all the white lines...

By the final whistle we'd managed to raise a fantastic 700.70 for Christies.
Back of the net!!

September 2006:
Jungfrau Mountain Marathon

For the second year in a row 4500 elite athletes lined up on the starting line in Interlaken, Switzerland, for one of the most challenging marathons in Europe.
Amongst them were three overweight grannies.

With temperatures hitting 30 degrees we'd selected our finest matching petticoats and head scarves to counter the cold mountain air somewhere in the picturesque distance.

We shuffled along the first 16 marathon miles winding gently uphill through the delightful town of Lauterbrunnen sampling the local music and beer as we passed through.
Then things started to get really tough as the course took a turn for the steep, and so we wobbled up the side of the valley gasping for our zimmer frames.
And then somewhere above Wengen with the Grim Sweeper catching up, Uma Thermals ran out of energy and ground to a total halt.

Rosie and Doreen tried everything to encourage Uma to keep moving. But then thought they might as well just leave her behind in the woods.

So a pair of overheated and worn out old ladies, carried on, struggling onwards in the baking sunshine with the finish line still over an hour away.
Look more images here !! » Uma checks she has both legsA fine bevvy of beauties in front of the fountain in InterlakenAn old age show of strengthThe nerves at the beginning of a marathonThe brave ladies bravely stretchingAt the start line there's no looking backNervous waves before the starting gunGo Granny Go for 26 miles uphill !Rosie Glows even more at 30 degrees celciusA drained Doreen diligently does it ! Lauterbrunnen... time for a beerThe grannies pause to catch their breathDoreen and Uma contemplate the altitudeRunning along the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley...with the big mountains to look forward to...Doreen weight tests a rickety old bridgeRosie leads the girls back into LauterbrunnenThe real climbing beginsWobbling through WengenRosie points out the distant finishing lineOh dear... Uma has run out of energy...and Doreen really, really caresCome on Uma... You're slowing us downThe Eiger and the Jungfrau and the big climb aheadUma Thermals. Fueled by Mars BarsThe final tortuously steep climbThe Grannies meet a high altitude bagpipe playerFinished !Ferdy our lovely dutch friendA well earned grosse Rugen Brau at Kliene Schiedagg

Some time later, on the final painful climb a yodel was heard in the distance.
Uma, fuelled by a king size Mars Bar, came sprinting up the mountain path to rejoin us!
The wrinkly old phoenix from the flames was just in time to share a whiskey with a swiss man called Roman playing bagpipes at 2200 metres above sea level.

After six and a half hours, several blisters, bananas, beer and boullion, a rag tag band of hot pink grannies eventually crossed the finishing line at Kliene Schiedagg.
With the north face of the Eiger a splendid backdrop we celebrated surviving another ill considered adventure with a nice cold pint of Rugen Brau or two.

July 2006:
Manchester to Blackpool 2006

The 5th annual gran day out dawned much like a fresh steradent tablet;
with a glorious effervescence.
31 beautifully attired old ladies lined up in Albert Square, Manchester,
determined to summon up the some spirit for the long journey ahead.

5 of the grannies had even cycled all the way from Paris bringing along some of their very own continental spirit.

With that much spirit, the grannies fondness for a tipple, along with all the pubs on route it promised to be a fun and wobbly day for all.
The granny peloton set a blistering pace on a blisteringly hot day. Even the tarmac was melting along with layers of thickly applied make-up.

After a record breaking seven hours the flowery femmes reached the outskirts of Blackpool where everyone re-grouped for a roll in formation to Albert Park.

But for some the journey was far from complete.
Only by reaching Blackpool Tower would the latest Go Granny Go epic be fulfilled.
And so to the promenade, the tower and a white-haired, white-knuckle ride on the big one...

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July 2006:
The Two Towers - Paris to Blackpool
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Friday 30th June 2006:
Go Granny Go Race Night

A bunch of pirates, cowboys and Elvis impersonators gathered together in The Railway View, Macclesfield, for an evening of Granny gambling.

Those clever old ladies had filmed a series of races and put them on a nice shiney new fangled DVD for all the punters to watch.

Everyone had a lovely time betting on
'The Dotty Derby'
the 'Arthur Marathon' and
'The Gran National'.

Everyone was a winner!

We managed to raise a fantastic 349 for Christies despite an ugly bar stewards enquiry after the '1000 Guinness'...

No yetis were harmed in the climbing of this mountain
April 2006:

Everybody's favourite pocket sized granny Emma Laya went off to the Himalayas in April 2006 to try a stroke a yeti.
She didn't realise that the mountains in Nepal are very very tall, and let's face it; she is really rather small.

But all the grannies are very proud of her for climbing a big mountain, just next door to Mount Everest.

23rd April 2006:
The London Marathon

The grannies don't often get a chance to visit the big smoke for a nice bit of sight-seeing on an open topped London bus.

We started at the Greenwich observatory where scientists invented 'time' way back in the olden days before the dawn of time itself...

Later we got to experience the London Eye-test, the Cutting Sarcasm, a game of Tower Bridge, marvelled at the size of Big Ben and we fitted right in on the Isle of Dogs.

Which was all rather lovely...

Unfortunately Evie forgot to book the bus tickets, and then broke her arm, leaving Rosie Glow to run all the way to Buckingham Palace all by herself!!

The London Marathon was completed by Rosie in a time of 4 hours and 26 seconds.

Have a look at the COMING SOON page to see what we're getting up to next...