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The Old Man Rides The Jungfrau
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In 2007 we cycled across Europe all the way to Switzerland, and when we got there we ran a mountain marathon.

You don't have to be hardcore... but it helps if you wear a frock!!

25th August - 8th September 2007:

The Old Man rides the Jungfrau

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This was by far the biggest challenge the grannies had ever undertaken.
Some people even suggested it was a trip too far.

But they were all proven to be proper wrong 'uns...!

On day one a team of three elite Grannies climbed the 803 metre (2634 ft) 'Old Man of Coniston' in the Cumbrian Lake District.
Then over the next twelve days they cycled over 900 miles into Europe through France and into Switzerland, pausing briefly for cups of tea and cake.

After several nights camping rough, living off their wits and eating nothing but cheese and champagne they eventually arrived in Interlaken in the beautiful Swiss Alps.

Once there it was off the bikes to tackle the small matter of running the 26 uphill miles of the Jungfrau Mountain Marathon finishing at an altitude of 2100 metres (6890 ft) above sea level!

Some people said it wouldn't possible, but some people don't wear frocks...

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July 2007:

Manchester to Blackpool 2007

The grannies battled through floods, punctures, searing heat and sugar free cans of Red Bull to complete another 60 miles for the over sixties.

6am brought a bunch of bleary eyed old dears lining up at the bus stop as if it were pension day at the post office.
The 6th annual gran day threatened heavy rain, but the grannies are used to being slightly moist, what with the onset of incontinence and the constant reek of urine that comes with it.
And so it was that 18 old ladies donned their Sunday best and wobbled down the cobbles to the start line in Manchester.

With a couple of grandchildren in tow the grannies were keen to set a blistering pace and had even sworn a pact not to stop at quite as many pubs en-route to Blackpool.
All was going according to plan, until we forgot what the plan was a started stopping at roadside cafes for a nice cup of tea and a natter.

And then with a crack of thunder as loud as one of Evie Riders gusset rumblers, the heavens opened and the ladies were caught in a torrential downpour.
Undetered, but certainly not unshaken, the bedraggled beaus quickly re-applied their running mascara and tightened their rain bonnets to tackle the torrid beyond.
The pretty procession of pedalling pensioners pressed on towards their goal, and a swift half pint of pernod in Preston.
Eventually the clouds parted and the sunshine returned to welcome the geriatric troop into Blackpool for a splendid formation finish.
Another 60 miles cycling from the over 60's.

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