June 2012:

The Grannies ride again!

To celebrate their ten year Grannyversary, the Grannies will gather one last time where it all began; The Manchester to Blackpool ride

Frocks will be dusted off, make-up re-applied and dentures run through the dishwasher for the 60 mile ride to the tower

It promises to be one last great gran day out for a grantastic gathering of old dears, hell bent on drinking all the available sherry en route to the coast and beyond!

The theme will be that of a wake, so make sure you wear your best/worst black frocks.

Visit the Just Giving Grannyversary page to make a donation:


December 2009:

Go Granny Go! The final push!

More than a year after the Grannies had been laid to rest, founding grandmother Richie Gilmartin decided that one last bit of fundraising was in order.

With the help of submissions from over twenty of his fellow car designers from Bentley in Crewe, Richie organised a prestigious auction of art works at Bonhams of Mayfair in London.

With around 250 Bentley customers attending the auction, an unprecented 75,000 was raised in just one night from the sale of a superb range of high quality paintings, renderings and sculptures.
Many of the contributing artists had taken part in several of the Granny events over the years and were very generous in offering their time and talents to raise money for Christies.

By the end of the night the final Go Granny Go Gran' total had been raised to a grantastic 108,000

July 2008:

The Grannies are dead...! Long live the Vikings...!

click on the image above for more Biking Viking pictures

To counter claims that several years of cross dressing had somehow diminished their masculinity, members of GoGrannyGo unleashed a previously unseen facet to their personalities.

Lock up your daughters, children and pets because the Biking Vikings are here and they will be taking prisoners...

Five angry Biking Vikings unleashed themselves on the unsuspecting Manchester to Blackpool bike ride.
They eagerly pillaged their way along the 62 mile route while peasants upon hearing their fearsome blood-curdling battle cries would lock up their women-folk.
It took a record time of just over five hours to lay waste to the journey and destroy all the pitiful Saxon enclaves along the way.
Upon arrival in Blackpool there was little else remaining but to spill the blood of a raven on the beach in honour of Odin, and to wring the sweat and ale from their 'Thor-tex' armour.

They sang a hearty chant and toasted their glorious victory all the way home. You may know the words, but lest we forget them they are...


Click here for more pictures of the Biking Vikings...

March 2008:

Go Granny Gone

In March 2008 the grannies officially announced their retirement with the intention to concentrate on other fund-raising projects.

Over the past six years we've had enormous amounts of fun, laughter and pain, raising a fantastic 33,000 for the Christie hospital in Manchester.

If you have found this website, and like what you've seen, then we hope that we've inspired you to donate a little money to Christies, or perhaps even do some of your own fund-raising.

And if it does mean dressing up, then please let us know and we'll come along and help out...!

The following is an edited version of the Christie Hospital Press Release:

" Lace hankies at the ready, folks, as news reaches us that Go Granny Go are hanging up their frocks.
The wacky Macclesfield cyclists have raised a 'gran-d' total of 33,000 since they began fundraising for Manchester's Christie Hospital in 2001.
Chief Granny Richard Gilmartin (a.k.a. Evie Rider) said: "It's been a blast, but after seven years in a frock, we felt it was time to move on."

In true Go Granny Go style the group went out on a real high. Their last madcap escapade involved climbing the Old Man of Coniston in the Lake District, cycling to Switzerland, and then running a full 26 mile mountain marathon - all dressed in full granny gear!

As many in Macclesfield will already know, all is not what it seems with Go Granny Go - for they are in fact a group of young men who like donning flowered frocks, false bosoms and wrinkled stockings to raise money for a worthy cause.

Go Granny Go was set up by car designer Richard Gilmartin, from Macclesfield, who decided to raise money for the specialist cancer treatment centre in Manchester after he lost his mother to the disease.

In 2002, the Grannies made their first appearance in the annual Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride and since then the group has been turning out in full regalia at every possible opportunity .

Core Granny members Richard Stevens ('Slim Sadie/Uma Thermals'), and Paul Anders Johnson ('Rosie Glow'), joined Richard Gilmartin in reminiscing:
"We'd just got our third puncture of the day. It was icy cold, we were in a rough part of Glasgow, dressed in frocks and wigs, when a lorry drove through a massive puddle and completely drenched us. We looked at each other and started to laugh. And that's how it's been ever since. Hard work, but brilliant fun."

Go Granny Go would like to thank their 60- strong team, and also the public, for their fantastic support. Once they've taken a well-earned break, the friends have vowed to carry on fundraising for the Christie, but in a totally different guise.

Watch this space!

December 2007:

Go Granny Go get a Christie's Gold Award

After six years putting the fun into fundraising, Go Granny Go were very proud to receive the Christie's Gold Award in recognition for all their efforts.

To date Go Granny Go has raised grantastic 33,000 and has over the years involved over 50 individuals who have given up their time, energy and in some cases their dignity, to help an excellent cause.

25th August - 8th September 2007:

The Old Man rides the Jungfrau

click on the image above for the full OMJF story

This was by far the biggest challenge the grannies had ever undertaken.
Some people even suggested it was a trip too far.

But they were all proven to be proper wrong 'uns...!

On day one a team of three elite Grannies climbed the 803 metre (2634 ft) 'Old Man of Coniston' in the Cumbrian Lake District.
Then over the next twelve days they cycled over 900 miles into Europe through France and into Switzerland, pausing briefly for cups of tea and cake.

After several nights camping rough, living off their wits and eating nothing but cheese and champagne they eventually arrived in Interlaken in the beautiful Swiss Alps.

Once there it was off the bikes to tackle the small matter of running the 26 uphill miles of the Jungfrau Mountain Marathon finishing at an altitude of 2100 metres (6890 ft) above sea level!

Some people said it wouldn't possible, but some people don't wear frocks...

Click here for the full story with pictures...

Over the past few years Go Granny Go has been frocking on to have fun, raise a few eyebrows and raise thousands of pounds for the
'Christies Against Cancer' Appeal.
Christie Hospital is responsible for caring for people from all over the North West and is a major Research centre for the UK.

We've been organising more events this year to continue raising money.

Have a look at the COMING SOON page to see what we're getting up to next...

If you haven't sponsored us yet and wish to, you still can at

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