The Old Man Rides The Jungfrau - September 2007

more picturesDay 1: Frocking on the summit of The Old Man of ConistonThe tensions begin to showThe first of many puncturesDay 4: Leaving Greendale camp site in RutlandThe educated elite visit CambridgeDay 5: Kicking Dicky somewhere in EssexDay 6: The road to DoverBoarding the Ferry to FranceDay 7: Early morning cycling in FranceThe end of a 107 mile day with free beers!Day 8: Choosing what to drink was easyReims CathedralChampagne in Chalons-en-ChampagneDay 9: Grinding out the hangoversHuge landscapes and straight roadsBungle calibrates his sense of directionDay 10: A happy Gilmonkey on the cold wet D619Day 11: "We just have to go to Villersexual..."A fine last full day in the French countrysideDay 12: Toasting the last hill in France "Hello Switzerland!" Three reprobates cross the border in BaselRiding along the Swiss valleys, with the mountains in the distanceThe beginning of the end; nearly 1000 miles of riding finished and a marathon to startThe Marathon - Nervously frocking on. The only runners to make the effort.more pictures
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