Ello me luvs, and welcome to the gran spankin' Go Granny Go residential homepage.

Over the past few years the old dears from Go Granny Go have been frocking on to have fun, raise a few eyebrows,
and raise thousands of pounds for Christies Against Cancer!

We've put on our best frocks to run up Swiss mountains and cycle the entire length and breadth of Britain, haranguing passers by, shedding rollers and hairpins and getting wrinkled stockings caught in bike chains...!!

Beneath the blue rinses and badly applied make-up, the 'grannies' are not all they seem. Go Granny Go are a group of mostly young men with big noses, small mouths and wonky eyes.
Some might even describe them as 'keen fit cyclists'.

The group is united by a common aim:
To raise as much money as they can for cancer research charities, and along the way find a legitimate excuse to ride their bikes, have as much fun as they can, and do it wearing fat suits and dresses!

Have a look at the rest of the website to see what the lovely grannies have been getting up to...

Please Note: Go Granny Go was retired at the start of 2008 after six years of fundraising.

Registered Charity No. 1049751

Christies Against Cancer Appeals Office
The Christie Hospital NHS Trust
Wilmslow Road
Manchester M20 4BX

Everyone in the North West knows someone who's been helped by the
Christie Hospital, the largest single site cancer research and treatment centre in Europe.

From it's base in South Manchester, Christie's sees around 12,000 new patients every year and has teams of researchers working both in the laboratories and with patients actively looking for new ways to diagnose, treat and cure cancer.

Thanks to Christie's research and treatment facilities an increasing number of people are surviving cancer and are able to have more time with the people that they love.

Everyone wants that to continue - please support Christie's and help to offer real hope to cancer patients everywhere, both now and in the future.

You can find out how Go Granny Go is helping Christie's by looking at the
NEWS and EVENTS pages for more...